Wire Shelf Accessory

Wire Shelf Accessory

Wire Shelving Accessory

The full ranges of JJM accessories which could satisfy the shelving system requirement to fully enhance the use of the product making it combined easier and more convenient.


Accessory could be used free with other products, in addition, our company provide a complete wire shelve system to make it more systematic in use, more suitable for customer requirement.


We could provide choices of plating and stainless steel material according to customer requirement.


S Hook: Eliminates two posts per adjacent unit. 2 hooks required per shelf.


Post Clamps: Joins units together for maximum strength.


Ledges: For stationary or mobile installations, stackable ledges prevent items from protruding or falling from shelves.


Divider: Shelf contents are kept orderly, snap-in-place dividers.


Rail: Attach easily between posts to enhance structure strength, and it also could hang hooks along the width or length.


Label Holder: Easy identification of shelf contents.


Cantilever Shelf: Add convenient space above a storage unit.

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