Wire Shelves, Solid Shelf, Perforated Shelf

Wire Shelves, Solid Shelf, Perforated Shelf
Wire Shelving, Solid Shelving, Perforated Metal Shelf

Our company provides the variety of sizes and styles which could be produce according to customer requirements, and they are easy to assemble without any tools.


Modular components provide the versatility and adaptability required to quickly and easily assemble and expand the system to suit an ever-changing computing environment.


Casters provide the mobility needed to gain instant access to service your equipment.


Shelves can be repositioned at precise 1” (25mm) increments.


225 LBS.(100kg) per shelf weight load capacity.


Minimum Order Quantity:20pcs/each size

Delivery Period:25 working days

Shipping method:sea freight or air freight

Email: jjm.tw@jjm.com.tw

TEL: 886-7-2015968

FAX: 886-7-3316138

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