Specification Product

Specification Product

Specification product include all combination single products, as well as combined shelves, combined carts, and flatbed hand carts that are assembled from combination single product.


According to the category of the storage products, the combination wire shelves could be chosen different material and type to choose each layer for use with accessories and shelf posts which are chosen different size according to the total height and each layer.


And we can use the wire shelf foot plate as fixed type or add the wheels as the active type according to customer’s requirement.


Wire shelves can adjust height conveniently and easily, and adjustment unit is 25mm (1inch).


The combined cart is light, easy to operate and assemble, it can be assembled to two layer or three layer cart according to the requirement. It also can according to the different product category to choose different material and type of each layer and match the shelf accessories.


Our company offers a wide range of cart sizes to meet customer needs to increase work or other convenience.


Each layer of wire shelf can load 250 kg, but if the bottom of the combined cart or shelf is the wheel structure, the total load is 330 kg.


The combination wire shelves are suitable for cleanroom, laboratory, hospital, etc.

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